Your end-of-year checklist

The end of the academic year is a time to sort out, wrap up and celebrate. Follow our to-do list to make sure you'll be coming back to a prepared PTA come September

  • Review activity: Make time to review your events, looking at the profit made, the effort involved and the enjoyment had. If you feel an event is weak in areas, ask members if they have any solutions. If a regular event is getting tired, discuss fresh ideas.
  • Obtain feedback: If you haven’t already asked volunteers and committee members to give feedback, do it now. Download the knowledge capsule template at and seek constructive criticism.
  • Celebrate successes: Gather events photos (speak to the school about permissions) and create a PTA display board that can also be shared online. Highlight how much was raised at each event and how funds were spent.
  • Say thank you: Take time to write thank-you notes to volunteers, supporters and sponsors, and organise a night out for your committee.
  • Write welcome packs: Prepare a PTA welcome pack to hand out to new starters. This should include details of events and fundraising schemes you run and how parents can get involved. Download our easy-to-read Welcome Pack template at
  • Organise paperwork: Make sure all your key paperwork and policies are kept securely in one place. This should include your constitution, accounts, minutes of meetings, insurance policy, charity registration details (if applicable), copies of previous risk assessments and licences.
  • Check data and details: GDPR regulations dictate that you should review what data you hold for committee members, volunteers, local businesses and other supporters. Make sure you know where the information is stored and how often you need to clean up your database.
  • Assess your accounting: It’s best practice to have two authorised signatories on cheques and direct debits, so make sure you know who yours are. Check whether an independent annual audit needs to be carried out (see for reporting and accounting guidance from the Charity Commission).
  • Tidy your stores: Make a thorough inventory of the contents of your PTA shed or cupboard, noting the number of leftover stall prizes, which face-paint colours need replenishing, the ‘best before’ dates on consumables, and whether anything needs repairing.
  • Start succession planning: Anticipate which committee members might step down this year and start warming up new people to take over. Encourage existing members to invite guests to PTA meetings. If those with qualifications or certificates are leaving, consider sending other members on appropriate courses, such as first aid or food safety and hygiene.
  • Write handover records: Create handover records so the knowledge of departing members isn’t lost. People will be happier to take on roles if they have a written guide to the job.
  • Set new goals: Get together with the head to discuss the school’s priorities and how the PTA can help. Don’t forget any ongoing commitments, such as subscriptions, which will need to be funded again next year.
  • Put dates in the diary: Set dates as early as you can for any events you plan to run next year. Make a note of any renewal dates and accounting requirements, such as when your PTA insurance or lottery licence expires.
  • Sit down, make a cup of tea (or something stronger!) and give yourself a massive pat on the back! 

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