How to write a welcome letter

Welcome new families to the school with a friendly and informative letter from the PTA

Keep things simple for new families by sending a letter welcoming them to the school community. The letter should come from a real person, ideally the chair. Begin with a friendly opening and a paragraph containing key points, then break down the information and end on a friendly note.

You might also include:

Chairs welcome: A short but personal note. What do they love most about the PTA?

Heads testimonial: What value does the PTA add to the school? How do staff support it?

Objectives: Whats the PTAs primary goal? How do you aim to achieve it? What are you raising funds for at the moment?

What weve achieved: What has the PTA funded in recent years? Who benefited, and what could they do better as a result?

Events we hold: Annual events and plans for the coming year, particularly the autumn term.

How they can help: There are lots of ways to find their feet. Could they man a stall? Are there jobs they can do from home? Do you run affiliate schemes? Does their employer match fund?

What happens next?: Will you send a newsletter or an invitation to a meeting? Does the PTA hold a tea and tissues morning?

Call to action: What would you like them to do? Join your Facebook group, email any questions?

Sign off: Something like I look forward to getting to know you, keeps it personal.


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