Gifts for school leavers

Give Year 6 leavers a treat at the end of their primary school years by buying a memorable gift

Picking the perfect present for school leavers can be tricky. Here’s a round-up of our favourite finds sure to create happy memories.

Leavers’ books

Create a special book filled with memories to remind your leavers of their time at the school. With suppliers offering numerous themes, customisable templates, lesson ideas and secure online designs, creating a leavers’ book has never been easier.

Personalised bears

Children will adore a furry farewell from a cuddly mascot. Choose from dozens of teddies to pick the perfect companion to accompany pupils to their new school. The teddies’ T-shirts can be printed with your school logo, children’s name or any other information you want.

Leavers’ hoodies and T-shirts

A hoodie is a simple way for leavers to remember their school in a stylish and cosy way. Or for a cheaper option, how about a cool T-shirt instead? Items can be printed with children’s names and the school logo – and as most suppliers offer a variety of styles, colours and sizes, there’s something for everyone. Some suppliers will let you set up a bespoke online shop to sell them to families directly. Advise parents to order a size up so pupils can grow into them.

Personalised mugs

Decorative mugs are a keepsake children can use for years to come. Choose from quality earthenware or fine bone china in a variety of colours.

Festival wristbands

If you’re hosting an end-of-school party, a wristband is one way to bring a bit of extra festival magic. Wristbands also make for great mementoes which kids can wear long after the event has ended. Add the name of your school and the year to make it more personal.


Around primary school leaving age, some children might get their own set of house keys, or may be given a locker at their new school – so a personalised keyring is sure to be a valued gift. Take a look at online gift shops such as Etsy for a range of colours, styles and sizes – LEGO brick designs are always popular!

Leavers’ bench

Wave farewell to leavers in a unique way by having a specially engraved bench made for your school playground. Include the year and children’s names and ask pupils to get involved with picking out their bench too. Order it in good time, so they’re still at the school when it arrives. Pentagon Play offers a self-build bench kit that comes flat-packed, so students can construct it themselves – a great way to develop teamwork and engineering skills.

What’s the PTA’s position?

Some think leavers’ gifts aren’t an appropriate use of PTA funds as they benefit a specific group. But if the PTA funds them every year, all pupils will eventually benefit. If you ask parents to pay for their gifts, ask if the PTA can support families who may struggle.


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