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Use our visualisation tool as inspiration for your fundraising activities this term - from an original idea by Ruth Presswood

Download the mind map here, and use the handy hyperlinks below.


  • Virtual book fair
  • Matchbox challenge Ask participants to photograph their items if they aren’t allowed to bring them into school
  • Classroom/bubble cinema
  • Cookbooks
  • Joke books Compile pupils’ favourite jokes. If commercial printing isn’t viable, print as a booklet on A4 and sell for £1.
  • Sponsored read/spell/read-a-thon/times table challenge


  • Ink cartridges
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Textile recycling
  • Pens
  • Sell second-hand goods
  • Second-hand uniform online or socially distanced sale


  • Tea towels, bags, aprons, water bottles, mugs, key fobs Go down the traditional route of using children’s drawings or find a local artist who is willing to create artwork especially for your school.
  • Jute bags
  • Lanyards
  • Bears

PE and gym

  • Sponsored bunny hop for Easter Set up an activity circuit, then ask the children (bunnies) to get sponsorship based on how many circuits they complete.
  • Dance-a-thon Can pupils dance for a whole hour? Or two? Hold in bubbles and award prizes individually and for the best classes.

Own clothes

  • Non-uniform day
  • Dress up or down day
  • Break the rules/Dare to be different day Compile a list of school rules the children are allowed to break for one day. A fine must be paid for each rule broken.
  • Pyjama day
  • World Book Day dressing up


  • Hoodies Order early in the year to allow leavers more opportunities to wear their hoodies.
  • Yearbooks
  • Autograph books


  • Gift Aid
  • Grants
  • Regular donations
  • Automatic donations
  • Match funding


  • Individual walking challenge
  • Individual sponsored bike ride
  • Socially distanced relay
  • Individual climb a mountain
  • Individual fun run
  • Group challenge ‘Walk to another country’. Take the number of pupils in the school and multiply by how many miles you think each might walk. Select a country that distance away. Tie the challenge in with learning about the country or cooking its dishes in school.

Affiliate schemes

  • Name labels
  • Shopping affiliates
  • Cookies
  • Support your local economy by asking nearby businesses if they would be interested in an affiliate scheme.


  • 100 club
  • School lottery
  • Online raffle
  • Online silent auction
  • Text raffle
  • Raffles

Local area

  • Treasure hunt/quiz
  • Scarecrow trail
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Front garden sale
  • Geocaching
  • Winter lanterns Light up the dark days of winter. Provide families with a lantern-making kit with simple instructions and choose an evening after school for the trail to take place. Participants can tick off each lantern on a trail map, which they print at home. Offer prizes for the most creative lanterns.

Virtual events

  • Online magic show
  • Online magic lesson
  • Gin/wine tasting
  • Music bingo
  • Virtual race night
  • Virtual theatre show
  • Balloon racing
  • Online disco
  • Online quiz
  • Afternoon tea
  • Online workshop
  • Online art show
  • Online courses Ask a local provider if they can offer a course for your community and share the profits.
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