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Secondhand uniform

Whether you're a parent after a bargain, or you're having to balance your household budgets, a PTA-run secondhand uniform service is invaluable.

Given the current economic climate, we're all feeling the pinch, but unfortunately this doesn't mean our children can go to school without the proper attire. For families with lots of children, low-income families and smaller families who do not have the hand-me-down process in place, buying new uniform is costly. This is where the secondhand uniform sale comes in - a service which benefits everone, and to which everyone can contribute. Bear in mind that this isn't intended to be a fundraiser, but a valuable way in which the PTA can help support families at your school.

So how do you make your secondhand uniform service a success?

  • Request that all donated clothes are freshly washed and ironed (be tough with parents - do not accept any dirty or thread-bare items).

  • Ask parents to remove any name tags prior to donation - this saves time for those running the service.

  • Hold sales regularly, giving parents plenty of notice.

  • Present the clothes on free-standing clothing rails, which are inexpensive and can be used time and time again.

  • Polo shirts are cheap to buy new, so rather than keep packing and unpacking these, and having to store them in between, save these donations for your next textile recycling collection.

For a comprehensive list of companies running recycling schemes, check out our fundraising suppliers directory.

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