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Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day isn't all about relaxation, there are presents to be opened too! And what could be nicer than a custom-made gift from your very own little designer, courtesy of the PTA?

Do it yourself

Get the kids to work making presents their mums will cherish. Remember to provide wrapping paper and tape so that they can wrap their gifts too. DIY ideas could include hand-decorated fridge magnets, photo frames, tea light holders and keyrings - Baker Ross has several bargain options. We have some fabulous spring-term craft ideas on our Pinterest board, including a hand-print bouquet of flowers, pom pom paper flowers and yummy mum cupcake ideas!

A cherished keepsake

More extravagant ideas will take a bit more planning, as they'll need to be sent off for finishing. These days there are a variety of options from the traditional mugs and tea towels to canvas bags, aprons, mouse mats and clocks! Decorate them with your child's handprints or a favourite drawing. See our suppliers directory for providers.

Secret presents

Run a gift room where pupils can select and wrap a gift for their Mums or Grannies. Buy presents in bulk from companies such as Your Fundraising Gift Shop, then sell them on for a small profit. Gifts cost around £200 (incl VAT) for 100 unwrapped items - including candles, bracelets, notecards - with an RRP of £3. Make sure you order enough gifts, by sending letters home beforehand. Ask them to be returned by an agreed date, with each pupil's details, money and an indication of how many gifts will be required. If you're buying gifts yourself and looking for ideas on what to purchase, have a look at this helpful Facebook thread for ideas.

Say it with flowers... 

Or how about this idea, posted on our Facebook page by Joanne Boyd-White: 'We buy daffodils from a local florist for £1 a bunch then sell for £1.50, the children add their own message on a tag which we attach with ribbon. It's very simple to organise and the children pre-order in advance so we know the numbers required. It makes around £300 profit.'

Darren Ward, PTA chair, Spalding Primary School runs a successful Mother's Day bouquet scheme: "For Mother's Day, the obvious gift choice was flowers. We found it quite easy to approach growers - we wanted something for as little as possible, that would last for seven days or more, on which we could also make a profit. A PTA member liaised with a local grower and ensured that everything would happen on time and on budget. The flowers were sold for £3 per bouquet; so with an RRP of £5 the 'customers' were getting a bargain, and we were able to make a £1 profit per bunch having purchased them for £2. We settled for 150 bouquets but sold out in five minutes, and made a £150 profit!"


And if you're still looking for ideas...

Perhaps these ideas from Facebook might give you a few:

Karen Hillmansen: 'We've found that anything with "Best Dad" or "I love my Mum" on it gets snapped up. Or stuff that the kids fancy having themselves... pink piggy kitchen timers from the poundshop go down well. We pre-wrap all but one of each item which we display. We photograph each item so we can print out a label to stick in front of the right wrapped pile. Lots of plastic bags to keep the gifts separate and a couple of big Ikea bags to cart the lot inside. We also buy some low cost items to let the kids choose whose parents forget to (or can't) send cash in.

Phillipa Boxall: 'We bought primulas and wrapped the pots in a napkin from Lidl and a ribbon.'

Syreeta Oakes: 'We contact local craft people in our area (usually the ones who attend our shopping evening) they supply us with goods at discounted rate, and we then sell them marked up by £1 we do this on a pre-order basis and send out a leaflet which was designed by one of the crafters. We offer cakes, personalised wooden keyring, cards, bath bombs and.much more. Kids and parents love it.'

Ellen Woodley: 'We also do primulas from a local garden centre, wrap in a plastic pot bad with a ribbon tied around it and a tag written by a child. Stick a lolly stick on it - we had loads sold the mums and kids loved it.'

Carol Hughes: 'Pots of daffodils, can plant and decorate your own pot, etc.'

Ellie Storey: 'Get kids to paint a picture and laminate it. We do a reception-only afternoon tea and kids serve cake to "my special person".'

Joanne Doble: 'We are doing tea towels this year as we can sell them all year!'

Lara Bradford: 'We buy a selection of 99p key rings, pens, mugs, socks etc from the Card Factory or 99p shop, we then set up a stall in a spare classroom and classes come in one by one. They bring £2 and are able to choose a gift and have it wrapped. It works really well for us and usually makes around £250-300 profit.'

Julie Caines: 'With my old PTA (I have moved on to a secondary one now) we used to buy 400 bunches of daffodils from Tesco and give each child a bunch of 10 daffodils to take home to mums. After a problem with daffs one year, we moved on to a small pot plant (Primula) which we bought from a garden centre and this was really successful. In the early days of doing Mother's days presents we used to charge for the gifts and this caused a lot of upset for those children that couldn't take part. So in the end we gave up trying to make a profit from it and gave each child the daffs or pot plant to take home, and saw it as giving something back to the families who supported our events.'

NOTE: Concerned about upsetting children who don't have mothers in their lives? Encourage children to use the occasion to thank anyone special to them - it isn't restricted to just mothers. We would suggest you take advice from your Headteacher if you are in any doubt.

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