Turn up for the Books

Laura would love to help your setting get more books into the hands of children. It could be helping them find the right book or growing their knowledge in their favourite subject area/topic.

Laura loves the buzz of school book fairs, the excitement pupils get seeing all the books available to them, or finding out there’s a book perfectly suited to them.

Laura loves hearing from parents/grandparents about how they remember having Usborne books growing up and lots still have them at home now. It just shows that Usborne books are made to last and are loved by all generations.

With your support, Laura can help your setting receive lots of free books without using any of your budgets. She will do all the organisation and arrange for any of the following:

  • school book fair/parents evenings

  • community book pledges

  • sponsored reads

  • sponsored listens for nurseries/SEN schools

  • Santa grotto gifts from PTAs

  • End of term gifts

Wonderful, lets hope COVID-19 doesnt spoil our fun and we will still be running as normal! I havent spread the news here yet (only told a couple of people) as I want to do a photo of the delivery and do a big announcement! Mikaela Desforges, Longfield Academy, upon hearing the news the library will be receiving £1000 books for free.

WOW! A list would be great, thank you. Simon Meredith, Istead Rise Primary School, upon hearing they have £525 to spend on Usborne books and that Laura will provide a suggested list of books to save the teachers time.

Thank you so much for ordering all of the books. They arrived yesterday and all of the children have loved looking at them! Thank you for organising this. Rebecca Cole, Danecourt School (SEN)

07783 954371