Wiltshire First Aid Training

Wiltshire First Aid Training

WEBSITE: www.wiltshirefirstaid.co.uk/
EMAIL: enquiries@wiltshirefirstaid.co.uk
PHONE: 01249 569690

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The first aid training provider of choice. Wiltshire First Aid Training provides quality assured and nationally accredited first aid courses for businesses, industry, schools and childcare settings.

Their courses comply fully with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive and (other bodies) helping to ensure that you and your business have fulfilled its statutory obligations.

They pride themselves on the fact their courses are designed to stimulate and not bore! Learning takes place in a relaxed, enjoyable environment where the trainer will help you gain the confidence and skills necessary to deal with any situation requiring emergency life support or basic first aid.

"My colleagues recently attended a first aid for schools course with a different training provider and were bored silly! Emma made the course very enjoyable interesting, used anecdotal examples and encouraged discussion - great!"

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