DONATE (National Funding Scheme)

PHONE: 0203 1742276

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DONATE is an award-winning fundraising platform used by schools and PTAs to bring in much needed income. Easy to use, and without any set-up or ongoing charges, DONATE provides PTAs with text, web and contactless services.

They specialise not only in digital fundraising but making fundraising fun for schools and PTAs. For example, the text raffle makes it easy for schools to run a raffle for donated prizes and for parents and others to participate.

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Text raffles are straightforward to set-up and have no ongoing charges. All funds raised can be used by the school. Simply register with National Funding Scheme at, create the text-raffle in their self-serve portal and promote the text keyword to your parents and supporters. You can even choose your own school-specific keyword. By participating and making a donation, the donor's mobile number will then be entered into the school's draw.

DONATE's text giving, auction and other fundraising services are just as easy to use. Their website ( provides fundraising tips and more explanation about all their services as well as providing easy registration and fundraising management.

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Some examples of schools using DONATE services include:

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More case studies can be found here.

Read their blog for articles, tips and tricks such as:

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