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Good Directions Ltd has a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of exterior clocks and roof turrets for schools.

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Good Directions manufactures stunning large indoor clocks for school reception areas, sports halls and classrooms, and large outdoor exterior clocks for playgrounds and playing fields.
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The large outdoor clocks can be finished to any BS or RAL code to suit school colours, sign written with names, initials, dates and school logos or crests. Bespoke large outdoor clock designs can be produced in virtually any material and to any design, incorporating school logos, text, illumination and interactive features.

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Each of the clocks comprises a dial, pair of hands, mechanism and all of the basic cabling required for you to complete a standard installation. All of our cabling is of a 'plug and play' style so nothing can be inserted incorrectly. All clocks are supplied with easy to follow setup instructions and prices include delivery to UK mainland. Clocks can be manually adjusted or you can add one of the optional clock controllers.

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