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Welcome to Club Hub

The Only Service to locate kids activities for newborns to 18 years in the whole of the UK.

Founded by Tessa Robinson who realised the difficulty in advertising her musical theatre kids club to her local community.

Our service is a mobile app and web search engine that allows you to search for kids activities in your area using your postcode or town.

Search by child's age and interest to make sure you find the kids activity that's right for you.

Kids Activities vary from dance classes, cooking, martial arts, learning languages to soft play centres, attractions and events.

Over 4,000 kids activity providers signed up, offering thousands of kids activities for babies to age 18.

Locations across the UK from Dorset to Aberdeen, including Northern Ireland

Thousands of app downloads and over 25,000 monthly app and website visits.

Club Hub Tessa   Club Hub Tessa and Theo

"What better way to find out where the best kids clubs are than to search for them right in the palm of your hand? I myself wouldn't really know where any clubs are other than one's I've heard people talk about so this will be a useful tool for anyone who's little darling had expressed an interest in joining a club."  - Picking Up the Toys

"A few days ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, looking through those suggestions they give you on who to follow and up pops Club Hub UK, so I thought I'd take a look- I couldn't resist that cute little profile pic! It turns out that this little beauty is going to be a must have for parents with kids!" - Mother Hermit

"As soon as I heard about this app I thought this is genius! Why isn't this already a thing? A one stop shop for all your children's out of school clubs and activity needs, never again will I have to hear the words every parent dreads "I'm boooooooooored", during the school holidays with this handy app." - Sparkly Mummy

"Excellent app for finding Kids activities near you"

"It can help you make that first move to getting yourself out of the house and finding a place that suits you and your family in your local area".

"Fantastic app, we found so many local activities to do and so quickly too! Very easy to use, highly recommend."

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