Word made of wooden letters

Word in a word challenge

This fundraising idea is easy to organise, taps into literacy, and will appeal to the competitive pupils (and parents) at your school.

Use your school or PTA name and award prizes for the three children with the most words. Children get sponsored an amount per word. Aim to get prizes donated and this activity will be pure profit. Remember to claim Gift Aid too!

Word in a word case study:

'To celebrate World Book Day, we ran a "Word in a Word" sponsored competition. Children and families had to find as many words in our school name "Derwent Lower School" as they could. The winner found 511 words! All those who entered received a certificate in assembly. We advertised the activity in our PTA newsletter a month before, then sent forms out on a Friday with a return date of the following Tuesday. These things often get overlooked if you give too much time; 24 children took part and the winner received a £10 book token. It was a very easy fundraiser, making £220 profit!'
Sarah Smith, chair, Derwent Lower School, Bedfordshire (110 pupils)


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