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Karen Haden, PTA Secretary at Aycliffe Village Primary School in County Durham (152 pupils) told us about her PTA's fabulous sponsored spelling challenge:

'We have a good working relationship with the teachers at the school, which has helped us arrange this event each year. We ask the teachers to prepare a spelling test that is appropriate for their class, and provide the sponsorship template, including details and values of the specific item we are raising money for, i.e. a sensory garden, library resources, iPads, interactive boards and so on.

The sponsorship forms are placed in children's school bags, and the appropriate test is taken by the student at home under classroom conditions. Parents are told their child's results via a slip in their bags from the teacher. We have found that parents are far more likely to support this fundraising project, and are much better at remembering to hand sponsorship forms and payment back in. We also try to run this fundraiser when other school activities aren't taking place at the same time.

We offer prizes (one for infants and another for juniors) to the children who raise the most money, which is usually a book token. I have one child in the infants and another in the juniors, and they are both enthused by the chance of winning a prize. From a parent's perspective, it helps a lot when your child actually wants to do it! Last year, we raised a whopping £928, and we are currently looking into arranging a similar sponsored event, which links in with the school's sports week.'

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