Boy goalie catching football

Powershot challenge

A sponsored powershot challenge is a fun way to encourage children to get active!

Ask pupils to seek sponsorship to achieve their fastest shot at goal, allowing three goes each. Obtain a speed-radar machine to record the speed of each shot - local sports clubs may allow you to hire or borrow one. Give people an incentive to take part by having a range of prizes up for grabs, and hand out certificates to all those who take part. Award prizes to the pupils with the fastest shot and most sponsorship money raised.

Sponsored powershot challenge case study:

Tara Wilson, PTA Chair, St Andrew's Heddon-on-the-Wall School, Newcastle upon Tyne (143 pupils): 'We organised a sponsored powershot challenge this year, with the money raised from the event going towards our new playground project. To do this, we issued sponsor forms to parents and the event was held as a fun day in school. It involved each child taking three shots at a football goal - we borrowed an integral radar from our local football club and recorded the speed of each shot. Every child who took part received an incentive prize, these ranged from a packet of World Cup Match Attax trading cards, a water bottle, mini football, to a full-size football, depending on how much they raised. All children received a certificate for taking part and a bottle of water donated from Northumbrian Water. The class who raised the most sponsorship received the 'Friends of Heddon School Top Fundraisers' trophy. Plus, every child went into a prize draw for the chance to win a signed Newcastle United shirt. It was a huge success, raising over £1,600, and we still have Gift Aid to claim on most of the money raised, which means we will definitely have met our target!'


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