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Coronavirus information for PTAs

Updated 23 March 2020

Schools have now closed, until further notice, for all pupils except the children of key workers and the most vulnerable pupils.

More information about the government's advice to schools:

What might your PTA do?

  • Inform supporters of event cancellations, if you can. Be considerate of families in hardship who may be forced to ask for refunds.
  • Publish a list of local food banks.
  • Work with the school without putting them under unfair strain. Encourage parents to limit contact with school leadership teams unless necessary. Schools are short-staffed and busy right now.
  • Empty perishables from the shed and consider donating them to the school.
  • Share any digital safety resources you may have to reassure parents whose children are using screens more often.
  • Information on donating to other charities:

Published 13 March 2020

Schools are advised to remain open although the Government has announced it has officially moved to the 'delay' phase of its coronavirus action plan. As the number of cases in the UK increases, many PTAs are asking what they should do. It's important to remain level-headed. There are several things you might want to start thinking about now, and you may wish to plan for the future, should the outbreak escalate. If you are planning events, stay in close communication with the school and follow the advice of Public Health England.

If you are going ahead with forthcoming events:

  • Provide extra hand-washing facilities and hand gels if possible
  • Remind people on arrival and use clear signage to advise participants of the importance of handwashing
  • Think about coronavirus when completing your risk assessment
  • If you have any questions about insurance, check with your insurers

The Government's chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance said on Thursday, 'We think that the peak may be something like 10 to 14 weeks away - it could be a bit longer.'

For future events:

  • Work with the school and keep lines of communication open
  • Make your cancellation and refunds policy clear
  • Postpone buying stock until nearer the event or buy items that will last and can be reused
  • Have a short-notice cancellation plan in place and consider delaying events until the peak has passed

What are PTAs saying?

To join the discussion with other PTAs, join the PTA Ideas and Advice Network, here:

Useful links:

For education-related questions, teachers, parents and young people can contact the Department for Education's Coronavirus helpline on 0800 0468687

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