Creating a PTA logo

A PTA logo will represent your brand and separate your fundraising activities from the school. Here's how to get started

We’re told that having a logo is important for businesses and charities, but is it the right thing for your PTA? A good logo combines text and imagery to form one visual symbol which represents your brand. You could use the school logo, but many PTAs choose to have their own symbol to separate their fundraising from the rest of the school activities.

Should your PTA have a logo?

Before briefing a designer, or having a go yourself, think about your PTA and what you want its logo to represent. What is your purpose? What are your values? Numerous PTAs have logos, so scour social media and the internet for inspiration too.

Having your PTA logo on posters and publicity means everyone will know who organised your events and where the money is going. A picture speaks a thousand words, and it’s much easier for people to spot a logo on a flyer than read all the words.

Brainstorm for ideas

When it comes to designing your logo, appeal for skills in the local community, including parents and staff. Can a local business do it at a charitable rate, or in exchange for advertising in your next event programme?

  • Colours: do you want to incorporate your school colours to visually show the link between the PTA and the school, or do you want to distinguish your logo and make it stand out? Equally, could you incorporate the school logo or elements of it?
  • Wording: when using wording, bear in mind the size at which the logo will be printed – it needs to be equally as legible on a social media post or flyer as it is on a fair banner.
  • Less is more: don’t be tempted to cram too many colours, words or elements onto your logo. It needs to be simple and distinct.
  • Content: consider what each element of your logo design brings to the whole and how it reflects your PTA. Why have you chosen the colours, words or shapes? If it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your audience, so brainstorm with your committee and consider a variety of designs to find the right one.

Do your research and find out what makes good logo design. We like this explanation of the process from 99designs.

Use logo design software

There are many options you can use, from complete beginner to professional level:

  • High-end: The industry standard software for logo design is Adobe Illustrator, which is part of the Adobe Creative Suite. As such, this is an expensive option, but it’s worth asking if anyone in your community already has it and can help you design a logo. Another high-end product to look out for is CorelDRAW.
  • Mid-range: LogoMaker and Looka are both mid-range options, which are worth considering and again may already be available to a mum or dad at your school.
  • Low-cost: Canva and Adobe Express both have free versions as well as paid-for premium options. Canva for non-profits allows registered charities to access Canva’s premium features for free.

Find a designer

Not all PTAs will be lucky enough to have a designer on their committee, which is where websites such as Fiverr come in handy. Fiverr allows you to find a freelance designer who can design a logo at a low cost. Be careful to agree on how many changes you are allowed to make, and don’t get caught up in extras you likely won’t need, such as stationery design and social media packages.

The size is right

Logos come in all sizes but beware if you only have a .jpeg or .png file that it can only be used at a certain size. Ask your designer for a vector file, which can be used at any size at all and will remain crisp and clear even on a large banner.

Design competition

An alternative option is to run a design competition with the pupils. This way, the logo will always be a reminder to viewers of the reason for the PTA and the heart of the cause. Explain what you are looking for in as much detail as possible and send out templates in class. Ask pupils to draw a design for the PTA, awarding prizes in each year for the best ones. Your committee might choose, or the whole school could vote. Not only will this result in a PTA logo, but it will raise awareness of the PTA throughout the whole school community.

Once you have your logo, you’ve got the beginnings of a strong brand identity. Now you can think about other publicity such as websites, posters, social media, banners and newsletters. By deciding on the look and feel of your PTA, you’ve made it easier to stand out and found a way to connect with your audience on an emotional level!