10 reasons we need your help!

PTA helpers support the school, make lasting friendships and improve their children’s learning. Our printable flyer explains why parents all should get involved

1 Support the school

The PTA is vital to the success of the school. Funds raised enrich your childs learning and make every students experience better. Be part of the group that pays for the playground your child loves or funds the library thats their favourite place to be.

2 Its totally flexible

Whether youre a full-time parent or working the nine to five, anyone can get involved. Its less commitment than you think, and you dont always have to attend meetings. Small jobs such as designing a poster, distributing letters or running a stall keep everything running smoothly.

3 Make lasting friendships

Meet and chat to a wider circle of families from different classes and year groups. Get to know other parents, and bond over exciting events, socials and get-togethers. Find a place to belong and spend time with others who share your values.

4 Be better connected

Create closer links with the head, teachers and staff. If youre new to the school, the PTA is an excellent way to find out how things work and become part of the community. If not, youll still gain greater insight by seeing how things work from both sides.

5 Because its FUN!

Be part of the team which organises the best events and get-togethers. Debrief over a glass of wine (or two). Suggest your most hare-brained idea and watch as it catches on and everyone wants a piece of the action. Laugh. Cry. Be there for each other.

6 Change school for the better

Have your say on important decisions. Work with the school and other parents to see where improvements can be made, and implement them. Directly influence the experience of your child and hundreds of others.

7 Learn new skills

Everyone has something they can bring to the PTA, but you can also learn new skills by trading with others. Always wanted to perfect that cookie recipe? Not sure how to design a poster? Want to hone your public speaking skills? You can do it with the support of the committee.

8 Improve your childs learning

Studies show that children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school. Engaging with the PTA shows your childrens education is important to you. Play your part in improving the school and watch them thrive.

9 Its not just for mums

Everyone is welcome, and its especially important to have dads and male carers represented, as male role models are crucial in childrens upbringing. Dads can bring different skills; they can bring a different perspective, and they can bring along other dads.

10 Create lasting memories

Our children are only at school for a few years, but they will remember the difference we make for a lifetime. They will cherish the activities and games we fund, learn using resources we buy, and remember the events we hold. Help keep the PTA going so future pupils can benefit too.