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Our pick of gifts for school leavers

Picking the perfect present for school leavers can be tricky in a normal year. Here's a round-up of our favourite finds to create happy memories in difficult times.

Leavers' books

Create a special gift filled with memories to remind your leavers of their time at the school. With suppliers offering numerous themes, customisable templates, lesson ideas and secure online designers, creating a leavers' book has never been easier. A colourful book is the perfect way to say goodbye.

Personalised bears

Children will adore a furry farewell with a cuddly mascot. Choose from dozens of teddies to pick the perfect companion to accompany pupils to their new school. The teddies' T-shirts can be printed with your school logo, children's name or any other information you require.

Leavers' hoodies

A hoodie is a simple way for students to feel part of a community and remember their school in a stylish and cosy way. Hoodies can be printed with all students' names as well as the year. Hoodies are available in a range of sizes, styles, colours and designs.

Recollections books

This 80-page A5 wallet comes with a pen and blank stickers so children can write messages to classmates. Its cover can be personalised with the school name and the name of each pupil.

Personalised mugs

These decorative mugs are a treasured keepsake for children to take home. Available in a variety of colours, choose from quality earthenware or fine bone china. 

Autograph books

These slim, hardback autograph books come in a range of styles. With 44 coloured pages, they're perfect for getting the signatures of classmates. Add personalisation with your school name, a message and even a photograph. Other autograph books are available.

Mini Oxford dictionaries

Ideal for school bags in a handy mini format, the Oxford Mini School Dictionary and Thesaurus is the perfect tool for children aged 10 and over. Packed with thousands of words and phrases, this makes a fitting gift for pupils moving on to secondary school.

What's the PTA's position?

PTA-purchased leavers' gifts can be the subject of debate. Most PTAs are set up to 'advance the education of pupils', and some feel that leavers' gifts aren't an appropriate use of PTA funds, as they only benefit a select group of pupils. But if you give leavers' gifts every year (of a similar value), then all children in the school will eventually benefit.

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