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How game is your head article

How game is your Head?

The relationship between the school and the PTA is crucial. And a public show of support from the Headteacher tells parents, families and the community that the PTA's efforts are valued, which, in turn, boosts support and donations. Your Headteacher's backing is also pivotal in setting an example and leading the way for other teaching staff to support the PTA. Giving your cause their backing stops the school and PTA seeming like two separate entities, but what's the best way to demonstrate this? In a fun way that will boost awareness and fundraising at the same time!

Whether it's being sponged in the stocks, gunged in a tank or taped to a wall, getting the Headteacher involved in a visible way will entertain children and adults alike. While some ideas will work well independently or in school time, doing something at a big event such as the summer fair will spread awareness to more people, and can also act as a 'headliner' to attract visitors. The more memorable the moment, the more people will talk about it. Show your community that the Head is willing to put their neck on the line for the PTA, and they will understand the integral role you play.

Good clean fun

Break a record: If there's one place you're sure to find plenty of ideas, it's Guinness World Records ( How about most balloons burst in 30 seconds, the fastest 100m on a space hopper or eat as many M&M's as you can in one minute using only a chopstick? You might not set a new world record, but you'll certainly have fun trying. Get people to pay per guess, by preparing a list of likely numbers, times, amounts, etc. Seek sponsorship to boost profits.

Pupil payback: Get pupils involved by asking them to design a silly outfit for your Head to wear at your fair, charging them £1 to submit their design. If that's too risky, they can pay to vote for an outfit from some approved designs. Alternatively, sell raffle tickets, with first prize being the chance to have free rein with the Head and a palette of face paints! 

Tape good times: Offer pupils the chance to buy a strip of duct tape to stick their teacher to the wall and they'll be queuing up. Charge £1 per strip, making sure the pieces are long enough to stick well (aim for about a metre). The aim is to see if the victim will stay attached to the wall once the chair they're standing on is taken away. Long sleeves and trousers and a crash mat are a must for this one.

Make a mess

Baked beans: Fundraisers involving baked beans are cheap, fun and very versatile. You could do anything from making your Head squelch around in bean-filled wellies to getting them to sit in a bathtub full of beans for the duration of your summer fair! Seek sponsorship on the understanding that a certain target needs to be reached before the Head will agree to subject themself to the propsed indignity! 

Stocks: Sponging teachers in the stocks is a classic way to get staff and pupils involved - and what child wouldn't love the idea of throwing a soaking wet sponge at their teacher? Set up an area at your event and charge around £1 for three throws. Supporters can sponsor teachers to be soaked, with a more important member of staff being elected to be sponged for every monetary milestone reached. When your top target is achieved, it unlocks the Head!

Gunge tank: A gunge tank is a brilliant finale to any fair, and a sure-fire way to attract visitors! All that's needed is a chair and a bucket of something slimy - rig up your own tank or hire one (complete with lever!) for the occasion to ensure a great show. Raise funds through sponsorship, boosting profits with a silent auction where supporters can bid for the chance to release the gunge.

Boost profits

Sponsoring your volunteer (or victim!) in advance is a great way to get money rolling in before the big day. Drumming up support in the run-up will get everybody talking and promoting the event, which, in turn, gets the word out to more people. Setting up an online donation page means a wider circle of potential donors can contribute. For most ideas, you can even agree on a milestone amount that needs to be raised before your Head will go through with it, meaning their sacrifice won't be in vain! There's a lot of potential in sponsored fundraisers, so think about how you can make it work for your event. Perhaps the more money that's raised, the worse the task gets, or a pledge of say £50 or more earns the donor the chance to lend a helping hand to the proceedings.

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