Recipe book fundraiser

Raise funds through your own school recipe book, complete with meals devised by the children

Running a recipe book fundraiser is a great way to share mealtime ideas with other parents, to promote healthy eating, and to encourage our kids to take an active interest in cooking. Oh, and it can be a great way to raise funds for your school too!

We all have a family favourite when it comes to mealtimes – the dish that always has the kids scraping their plates! It might be Granny’s fish pie or Daddy’s fajitas... so what’s yours?

With childhood obesity on the increase it’s more important than ever to encourage children to eat – and cook – healthily. By sharing their favourite dishes, children will be desperate to try out each other’s recipes. This means more help (if you can call it that!) in the kitchen, and you never know, you might make some exciting culinary discoveries together!

Be sure to canvas support before you start to make sure the interest is there, and encourage extended family and friends to submit recipes too.

There are several great suppliers, providing simple online solutions where you can copy and paste recipes straight onto the page or where parents can log in and submit their recipes direct. Most have a form you can download to send to parents, and don’t forget to ask for images – these can really bring your book to life.


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