10 ways to use your garden to raise funds

How your school garden can be used to raise funds

1 Crop sales:

If you get a bumper crop of produce, be it strawberries in early summer, runner beans in late summer or pumpkins for Halloween, set up a stall at the school entrance.

2 Cut flowers:

Does your school garden prioritise flowers? If so, cut them and make bunches to sell.

3 Plant sales:

If your strawberry patch is getting too big or children have grown fruit tree saplings from seed, try selling off any surplus plants.

4 Fruit juice or smoothies:

There’s nothing more refreshing on a late summer day. Make juice or smoothies and sell to parents and passers by.

5 Compost:

If your garden makes a lot of compost from food scraps and garden cuttings, bag it up and sell it. Peat-free and local!

6 Produce competitions:

Get budding gardeners to enter local contests to grow the biggest marrow, longest carrot or tallest sunflower.

7 Non-uniform gardeners:

Offer a chance for pupils to skip uniform for the day for a small fee, then come and work in the garden, raising money and learning about gardening in one go.

8 Open days and coffee mornings:

Charge a small fee or shake your donation bucket at an open day, bringing in the community to see the garden, do some pond dipping or just have a drink and a chat.

9 Treasure hunts:

Charge to open up the school garden to parents who might not have their own outside space but want to do a treasure hunt for their child’s birthday.

10 Rent a bed:

If there are parents with no outside space outside, rent a flowerbed to them.


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