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General advice

What else do you need to consider? Find sponsors, create a programme, what to do after the event.


How to find great raffle prizes

Woman on phone securing a raffle prize

Boost ticket sales by sourcing appealing raffle prizes – remember: if you don’t ask, you don’t get…

One-person game stalls

One volunteer pointing at herself

If you're struggling for manpower, these one-person game stalls mean you can have a lot of variety with limited volunteers.

Face painting tips

Girl having her face painted

Our face painting expert tells you everything you need to know for your PTA fair

All about fair prizes

Cuddly toy prizes at a fair

It's one thing thinking up engaging and exciting game stalls for your fair, but what will you give away as prizes? Here's our guide...

Create your perfect programme

Woman holding PTA fair programme

Producing a programme for your event enables you to thank supporters, lets visitors know what's on offer and can maximise profits through advertising sales.

Business sponsorship

Man with cash in notes spread out

Cover the cost of equipment or simply boost profits by appealing to local companies.

Cake stall

Different cakes and biscuits

Cake stalls are a great way to raise funds at your fair, but the real recipe for success is to secure donations and create a mouth-watering display.

Gardening calendar

Person gardening

If you're looking at having a gardening stall or selling homegrown produce at your fair, take advice from our all-year-round calendar

Keep your event information for the future

Time machine set to future

Every time you hold an event you gain valuable information. Keep this insider knowledge ready for next year, or for the committee who take over after you

Make your summer fair more sustainable

Hold a successful summer fair while being kinder to the environment.