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Summer fair: Marcham Primary School

Marcham Primary School, Marcham, Oxfordshire 144 pupils

Lisa Newport, Secretary
Friday 7 July, 6-8pm
150-200 attendees


  • Did you run a raffle? Yes - tickets were sent out two weeks before the event
  • Did you have a programme? No
  • How much did you charge for entry? We charged £1 per adult and children under 18 entered for free


  • Did you secure sponsorship? I sent out letters asking companies/attractions if they would be willing to donate a prize to the raffle. We were also sponsored by a local estate agent. They designed and produced leaflets for us to distribute, which included a competition to win Love2Shop vouchers. They also made two big banners to advertise the fair and paid £25 for every estate agent board we put up, with a limit of 25. At the fayre, they ran a coconut shy.
  • Do you have any advice for others seeking sponsorship? We welcomed prize donors to send advertising material to display at the event to encourage donations. Our fayre was in July so I sent out letters at the start of May. I always include a self-addressed envelope, which I've found gets us a much better response
  • Did you allow outside stallholders? We had 4-5 external stallholders
  • How much did you charge stallholders? We charged £10 but may increase this in future
  • How did you get people to volunteer? We asked for volunteers through the school newsletter, and also advertised via our local parents social media page
  • Did teachers/pupils run any stalls? The majority of teaching and support staff helped out. They ran the cake stall, refreshments and goody cup stall, and also helped with others where needed. Running the event after school is easier for the teachers as they don't want to have to spend their weekends back at school
  • How did you draw up your roster? Most members of the PTA helped on the evening. We had a group come in the morning to label cakes/tombola items, and after school members put up gazebos and set everything up. We had 15-20 volunteers help at the event, who we allocated by asking which stalls they would be interested in running. Each stall was split into two one-hour slots, so someone did the first hour on a stall and then swapped with someone else to give them the chance to look around with their children
  • How did you thank your volunteers? We se our local parents social media page and the village newsletter to thank everyone



  • What stalls do you have? Cake stall, tombola, raffle, goody cup stall, bar, refreshments
  • What were your stall prices? Our prices ranged from £1-£2.50
  • How do you source resources for your stalls? We sent out letters asking for tombola donations. Each class was asked to bring something different to ensure a good range, e.g. sweets, biscuits, chocolate, drinks. We sent out a clear plastic cup and paper plate two weeks before the event, asking for the cup to be filled with items and a cake to be returned on the plate. These are brought back on the morning of the event
  • Do you hire any equipment for your summer fair? A bouncy castle/inflatable slide, which is very popular with the children


  • How did you promote your fair? Through out estate agent sponsorship of leaflets, banners and estate agent boards. Thanks to the sponsorship we were able to make a profit from advertising - £344 raised through advertising boards and a coconut shy at the event


  • What was your target? We don't have a target, any profit we make is amazing
  • What were your outgoings? It varies, but the main costs are food and drinks and buying raffle tickets
  • How much profit did you make? £2259



  • How else do you fundraise throughout the year? Easter raffle, Easter bingo, termly discos, film night, family quiz night

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