Boy with wipeout water pistol

Obstacle course

Sarah Williams, chair, Friends of Ladygrove Primary School, Telford, Shropshire (295 pupils) told us about her DIY wacky wipeout event:

'We wanted to run an event that enabled our Year 6 pupils to let off steam after completing their SATs. A "wipeout" was chosen as it would involve the whole school while also promoting physical activity and raising money.

We started planning four months before the event, sourcing equipment that already belonged to the school, then approaching local businesses for sponsorship to fund additional equipment, such as water pistols, animal sponges and bubble machines.

We created a letter with a permission slip and sponsor form, which went out to all pupils, who then sought sponsors at home.

The all-day event was held on the playing field, the week after SATs. We ran several sessions throughout the day and each session was timed and allocated to a class.

The PTA arrived early (around 8:15am) to set up the course. This was quite quick as we'd already done a dry run the day before.

Children set off in pairs, and when they reached the fourth obstacle the next pair would go. Members of the PTA and children from Years 5 and 6 were dotted around the course to provide support, fire water pistols and throw wet sponges! (This was tailored to suit the age groups taking part.)

For the final run, the teaching staff and TAs ran the course while being soaked by the children! And at 3:15pm parents were able to run the obstacle course for our final lap. A total of 260 children and 20 adults ran the course, and we raised almost £900!'

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