Group enjoying an Oktoberfest


With beer and music, an Oktoberfest event opens your fundraising up to everyone in your local community and makes a great start to the new school year!

Rob Bloomfield, former PTA Chair of Acle Academy, Norfolk (619 pupils): 'Last year we held our first 'Oktoberfest'. We arranged for five local bands to play for 45 minutes on the stage in the school hall. We also had student bands on a makeshift stage in the bar area to fill in the gaps between the headline acts. This meant that we had five hours of non-stop music!

The doors opened at 5.30pm, the first band started at 6pm and the last one finished at 11pm. The bar was run by committee members and featured five local beers, two local ciders and a selection of lagers. Off to the side of the hall was a secure outside area where the BBQ was in constant use. Next to the BBQ was a tuck shop selling soft drinks and sweets. We also had face painting, hair braiding and jewellery making.

We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather, so the villagers came out in their dozens. We sold 150 tickets prior to the evening through local shops, together with another 250 on the night. The crowds created a fantastic atmosphere and it turned out to be a successful night.

The PTA would have been happy to break even, but in the end we raised just short of £3,000! We are now planning this year's event and hoping it will be just as successful, as there is always something to buy for a busy school.'

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