Boy on inflatable at It's a knockout event

It's a knockout!

Who could resist a fundraising event involving giant inflatables, water and soap bubbles? You had me at 'slide of doom'!

Nicki Wisniewski, PTA Chair, Hazelwood Parents' Association, Surrey (334 pupils) told us about her exciting summer spectacular: 'We try to ensure that our families enjoy fundraising in different ways. So when someone on the committee suggested giant inflatables, water and soap bubbles, we couldn't resist! We discovered the Knockout Challenge company, an established company with trained staff, who offered an inflatable obstacle course for children. We chose the bronze option at £2,580. This included a series of seven fun challenges, including a 'bubble pit' where children had to jump into a pit filled with bubbles and retrieve their team's coloured balls, and the 'slide of doom' where competitors had to negotiate a two-sided inflatable slide while collecting rubber rings. Our It's a Knockout challenge was born!

The competition was open to children aged between five and 13 years. Children formed teams and chose their name, outfit and mascot. We charged £16 for a family ticket (two adults, two children) and sold extra tickets at £6 (adults) and £4 (children). The children were encouraged to seek sponsorship too. Teams won points for their performance in the challenges, their outfits and for overall sportsmanship. The winning teams (we split the competition by age group) were awarded a trophy and individual medals.

On the day we had a burger and sausage BBQ, soft drinks and Pimm's as well as tea, coffee and cake. There was a bouncy castle for younger siblings and craft stalls for parents. The event was popular and well attended. We had 40 teams and made £4,000 profit. Due to the success of the event, we have now made it a regular fixture. The company provided us with their risk assessments to add to our own. St John's Ambulance and our own welfare officer were in attendance and the staff from the Knockout Challenge company were all first-aid trained. The day was a huge success - it's the kind of event that even the rain cannot spoil although when the sun shines, there is nothing better than hurtling down a huge inflatable slide towards a water canon!'

NOTE: Commercial organisations bringing inflatables to your event will need their own public liability insurance. Check your PTA insurance to see whether any other stipulations apply.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, find out about licensing requirements.

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