A ghost on a ghost walk

Ghost walk

Tina Tanswell, PTA Vice-Chair, Broadlea Primary School, Isle of Wight (387 pupils) told us about their spooky fundraiser:

'The Isle of Wight is known for being haunted! A local author, Gaye Baldwin, writes about the island's history, including where ghosts are meant to be. We also have a man called Marc Tuckey, who runs tours and storytellings of these so-called hauntings, myths and legends.

As our school had recently expanded up to Year 6, we wanted to do something totally different to the Halloween disco, which would appeal to older pupils. We came up with the idea of a ghost walk, and parents were encouraged to come along. I contacted Marc, who is very theatrical, and explained what we wanted. He came along and we agreed a route just beyond the school grounds. He came up with four short stories and myths, and the PTA, together with some members of staff, dressed up and strategically lay in wait!

We had two people all dressed in black, who followed the groups round in the shadows. When Marc had them engaged into a story, one would touch someone on the shoulder, or brush past them, causing them to jump! We also had another person dressed as a blue lady - she would just stroll past at a distance. Another was a drummer boy who played a drum but was never seen. We charged £3 per person and sold glowsticks, chips, burgers and hot dogs on the night. I would definitely recommend this as an event - both adults and children loved every moment.

The ghost walker cost £40, but even a good theatrical storyteller would do. The costs were kept down as we all played parts ourselves (which I have to say was so much fun!). The event lasted for about an hour. We sold glow lights before the kids went outside, which gave those lying in wait a warning that they were on their way! Overall, we made £300 profit, which was good considering we only allowed Years 4, 5 and 6 - for obvious reasons. A great alternative to trick or treating!'

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