Children in a escape room

Escape room

The prospect of creating an escape room may be daunting, but Victoria Kirk, PTA Chair, Poringland Primary School, Poringland, Norwich (373 pupils) shared her genius with us!

'Being a big fan of escape rooms, I was keen to run one as an evening for parents. With a little research, I was able to put together a series of puzzles that I could craft a narrative around. To avoid spending money on props, the puzzles used items that were available in the school. As I'd put this together from scratch I tested it out first on a small group of teachers and parents, who suggested a few tweaks.

We charged £5 per person, and each team could have four to six players. The teams gathered in the school hall at 7:30pm, buying drinks while everyone assembled. Once I explained the premise and rules, we sent the teams to their classrooms and started the clock. This added a competitive element, as teams were trying to be the first to make it back to the hall. We profited from this competitive spirit by selling clues to teams while they were in the rooms.

Everyone made it out in around an hour, and afterwards teams could relax with drinks while prizes were presented. We were all cleared up by 10pm.

As this was our first attempt, we only had four teams, as we wanted to prove that the concept worked before filling all of our KS1 classrooms. This means that next time we can confidently run a larger event.

Our only costs were a TEN (to cover the sale of alcohol) and chocolates for the winners. We raised £200, and are now hoping to run it again with more participants. There's even potential to sell the pack to other schools if they don't want to write their own.'

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