Children dancing at Night on Broadway event

A Night on Broadway

Roy Greer, Principal, Moneyrea Primary School, Moneyreagh, County Down (210 pupils) told us:

'Our recent musical extravaganza was a smash hit, with almost 600 guests turning up to see performances of songs from Broadway musicals. We booked a local hotel as our venue - this was offered free of charge. We then sent letters to parents, pupils, and members of staff, inviting them to take part either as performers or helpers. The PTA took control of designing the programme, liaising with the hotel, marketing, seeking sponsorship and advertising from businesses, and coordinating technical aspects, such
as lighting and sound.

A local dance choreographer and vocal coach put together a rehearsal plan for us, and each act was asked to provide their own costumes to reduce our costs. The band from our local church agreed to accompany the acts. We promoted the event through Facebook, in newsletters, banners and posters, and sold tickets at £10 each. On the night, the audience were treated to lively renditions of songs from The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Wicked, Moulin Rouge! and Les Misérables. The school's dance troupe also took centre stage to perform two seamlessly choreographed dance routines from Annie, leaving the audience totally enthralled.

Throughout the show our audience members could pay £1 to vote for their favourite acts, and at the end, everyone returned to the stage to perform a fully choreographed version of Michael Jackson's zombie-infested Thriller. It was a truly memorable end to a fantastic night's entertainment! 'The Cell Block Tango' from Chicago, performed by our staff members, was voted the winning performance - their rendition alone was certainly worth the ticket price! We sold chips during the interval to boost profits, and people could buy drinks from the hotel bar. We made £7,000 and had a fantastic night!'

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