PTA base camp

Including a PTA information stall as part of your fair means it can also serve as a practical base. Here's what to keep there

As well as promoting the PTA’s vital work in the school, your base camp can operate as a check-in station for volunteers, a meeting place for visitors and a safe place for lost children. Situate it close to a power outlet and water source, and make sure everyone knows it’s there.


Make sure you have hard copies of your schedule, map, volunteer rota, risk assessment and insurance. Print the contact numbers of key team members and have a spare walkie-talkie available.

Identify the PTA

Keep some spare hi-vis vests or PTA lanyards for anyone who wants to volunteer on the day.

Battery packs and chargers

You may not have a charger for every phone and device, but make sure you can charge essentials, such as the chair’s phone and your card payment machine.

Weather proofing

If hot weather or rain are forecast, be prepared with waterproof clothing, umbrellas, tarpaulins, gazebos and sunscreen. Keep a few spare tarpaulins or gazebos – or at least some extra tent pegs and a mallet – on hand if you have space.

First aid kit

Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit available in case of minor injuries. Ensure it includes essentials such as plasters and ice packs.

Stationery box

Inform volunteers that they can ask for pens, markers, staplers, sticky tape, drawing pins, string and Blu Tack, if needed.


Keep a selection of bigger tools in a lockable box in case any stalls need a quick repair. We suggest including a hammer, staple gun, pliers, a Stanley knife and screwdrivers. A tape measure, duct tape and cable ties will be handy too.

Clean-up kit

Fairs can get messy! Provide cleaning supplies, such as blue roll, anti-bacterial spray, gloves and extra bin bags. Consider using recyclable materials and eco-friendly products.

Water and reusable cups

Keep drinkable water and a few cups on hand for attendees and lost children who may need rehydration.


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