Coronation crafts and sponsored activities

Our selection of competitions, stalls and fundraisers

Wacky royal portrait

An official artist will be commissioned to produce a permanent record of the occasion of the coronation. Ask children to create a portrait of the King from a selection of found items. The stranger, the better!

Coronation chicken

The dish of chicken in a curry cream sauce with rice salad, peas and herbs was invented to be served to guests from other nations after Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Challenge pupils to invent a new coronation meal. They can write the recipe or draw their new dishes and give them regal names.

Family flag

King Charles III will adopt a new personal flag which will be flown on any building, ship or aircraft he’s staying or travelling in. Ask the children to create their own flag or one for their family.

Make a monogram

The College of Arms, an official body responsible for the country’s flags and national symbols, designed His Majesty’s cypher. Challenge pupils to develop their own designs for a monogram and award a prize for winners by age category.

Printed items

Much like a Christmas card fundraiser, suppliers can print pupils’ designs onto mugs, keyrings, tote bags and many other items.

Tea towels

Ask the children to draw a portrait of themselves wearing a crown. Sell your tea towels as a PTA fundraiser.

The Royal Mail

Source templates online and ask pupils to draw and paint a royal picture to illustrate a commemorative stamp. If they create their stamp designs in advance, print some out at a small size, stick onto envelopes and run a postal service at your coronation fair.

Sponsored events

Walk or cycle to school

In keeping with His Majesty’s focus on the environment, challenge pupils to walk or cycle to school (or part of the way) for a week. How long can they keep it up?

Spelling test

Ask children to learn words of appropriate difficulty connected to royalty or the coronation. Award prizes for the most words spelt correctly by year group. You’ll need to have the class teachers on board for this one.

Right royal boogie

Find some tunes with the words ‘king’, ‘queen’ or ‘prince’ in the title and play them continuously for as long as possible. Pupils can seek sponsorship for every ten minutes of dancing they manage. Definitely one to film!