Buy wholesale with Booker

Offering refreshments at your event can really help boost profits. With Booker, PTAs can stock up for less

Refreshment stalls at summer fairs are always lucrative – cut costs, without compromising on quality, thanks to wholesaler Booker. With Booker, PTAs can pay wholesale prices (usually only available to businesses) on branded and quality own-brand goods.

Booker is the biggest food and drink wholesaler in the UK, with 172 branches. Once you’ve registered for your cash-and-carry account, Booker will invite you along to your local store and will issue your PTA with not just one, but four, Booker cards.

What do they sell?

You can get pretty much everything from Booker!

Barbecues are popular PTA fundraisers, and the key to success is using quality meat – not only will the amazing smells wafting around your fair draw people in, recommendations from ketchup-smeared fairgoers will, too! The range of premium-quality burgers sold by Booker includes traditional, chicken, vegetarian and halal, while sausages include pork or beef. You can also pick up burger boxes, napkins, plastic cups and all manner of condiments.

We know from your feedback that one of the biggest money-spinners out there is the bar and beer tent. Well, Booker stocks a vast range of alcoholic beverages, as well an extensive range of soft drinks. And don’t forget your tea and coffee. Plus, if you need to bulk-buy sweets for stall prizes – or you’re looking for great value ice pops for after-school summer sales – then head to Booker.

Sale or return

If you have any left-over non-perishable goods, then Booker offers a sale-or-return option. The only stipulation is that packs are complete, haven’t been opened and are returned (with your invoice), within a reasonable timeframe from the purchase date.

Sign me up! 

Registering for a Booker account is easy: simply email stating the name and full address of your school. You’ll be ready to start shopping within just two days. 

Tried and tested...

Jane Rees, PTA Chair, Pontlliw Primary School PTA, shared her experiences of using Booker at their Christmas fair: ‘At our Christmas fair, for the children we provide hot dogs – our deputy head is a whizz on the barbecue so he has the job of cooking sausages all day! For the adults we have a hog roast (always a sell-out). We buy a lot from Booker, including sausages, paper plates, napkins, cutlery, ketchup, sweet bags (paper variety for the cakes) bread rolls, paper cups, plastic wine glasses, polystyrene cups (for mulled wine) soft drinks, selection boxes (for visits to Santa). We also purchase all our sweets at Booker. They have such a wide variety of sweets to cater for all tastes plus they have sweets for every occasion. Spooky faces for Halloween etc. Our PTA doesn’t have a credit card so I use my own personal card to buy it and the invoice is then submitted to our treasurer for reimbursement.