Fundraising ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day fundraising ideas seem to be more sparse than the female equivalent, so we asked our fabulous PTA friends on Facebook to tell us what they do.

Paula Jane Ackrell: 'How about a Father's Day meal or 'bring your dad to school day'?'

Nikki Smith: 'We have a dads golf day at our local golf club Forrester Park Golf & Country Club where the dads all get together for a round of golf and dinner afterwards. Its a great fund raiser for us and also means the dads get a chance to socialise together.'

Lynda McCallum: 'My local country park are advertising a 'lads and dads survival course' which sounds fab - they bring in a guy and he teaches the boys a taster session on survival, building shelters, etc. Or a 'games night' might be an easier option - boys only with pizza and hot dogs for sale. Could have old fashioned board games or several computer consoles and ipads and every family competing to get highest points on each game to add to the scoreboard for a top prize.'

Louise Day: 'We had a camp out last year near Father's Day, we charged for a pitch on the playing field and dads (& mums) brought their own tents. We showed a movie for the kids indoors and sold hot dogs. We got a licence and had a bar too. It was a really great event - despite the rain - which I hope to repeat this year.'

Karen Finn: 'We do a Father's Day stall selling pre-wrapped gifts for between £1 and £2. If you have a good wholesaler nearby, you should be able to pick things up cheaply and make a profit - just make sure they don't look tacky. Most parents say they appreciate something little that the children can pick themselves and buy with their pocket money.'

Tanya Osborne: 'We are having a gift shop. We will sell gift vouchers a few weeks before so we know how many people we are buying for, then the kids can come and choose from five or six gift options. We supply a small blank card for the children to decorate with the gift.'

Clare Brown: 'Our Mother's and Father's Day Secret Shops are called/branded as Thank You Secret Shops for the special people in their children's lives, and some children buy for their grandad etc if they don't have a father. We also did a dad's race with a trophy at our last family fun day, as it fell on Father's Day. We did under 40s and over 40s heats, but only had one final!'

Rachel Hammond: 'We have family breakfasts a couple of times a year. PTA and staff come in early and cook bacon which we serve in rolls. We also serve croissants and donated, home-made muffins. It is a great event, lovely atmosphere and last year, on Father's Day, we had lots of positive feedback because we celebrated it as well as Mothering Sunday.'

Jackie Lewis: 'For the past couple of years we sold mini cakes for Mother's/Father's Day which could be iced with a name or short message, but this year we have tried something different, selling plaques, trinket boxes and teddy ornaments which have sold really well. Last year for dads we did mugs and freezable beer glasses! It's not a massive money maker as we intentionally don't add a big mark up, but it's certainly worth doing.'

Andrea Gaskell: 'We are doing a biathalon in conjunction with our annual duck race as we have lots of competitive, sporty dads.'

NOTE: Concerned about upsetting children who don't have fathers in their lives? Encourage children to use the occasion to thank anyone special to them - it isn't restricted to just fathers. We would suggest you take advice from your head teacher if you are in any doubt.

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