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Father's Day fundraisers

With Father's Day (and finer weather) fast approaching, what fundraising gems do you have in store for the men in your life? These four PTAs share their stories...

Five-a-side football

'We wanted to put on an event to target dads, and the suggestion of a football tournament was welcomed wholeheartedly! We recruited a team of dads to represent each of the 11 classes in the school, and had two staff teams. We even discovered that the dads were busy organising training sessions and discussing 'tactics' over beers in the pub! We asked our school football coach, together with the team from Onside Sports Coaching to referee; 62 dads played and 326 people came to watch! Other parents offered their services - a personal trainer warmed up the teams, a local butcher provided meat for the barbecue, and three mums (who are physiotherapists) provided medical cover… it really was a community event! Each team was allocated a country and classes designed flags to support their dads. We provided music and commentary throughout, sold drinks, and a group of Year 5 girls ran a cake sale raising money for Water Aid. The winning team was presented with the champions' cup, with medals for each team member, Onside presented a "man of the match" award and a chocolate medal was given for "mum's man of the match". A total of £998 was raised. I couldn't recommend it enough, it really did get everyone together for a great afternoon of family fun!' Kay Lawrie-Stiven, PTA Chair, Milverton Primary School, Leamington Spa (315 pupils)

Golf day

'We crown a new champion at our golf event every year, who, amongst other privileges, gets the coveted green jacket! The winner always has their child's name tag sewn into the jacket, which adds a nice personal touch! As the winner of the previous event, it fell to me to organise the subsequent golf day; this ensures that we always have a "volunteer" to plan future events! We booked Lindfield Golf Club three months in advance, and sent out a golf day sign-up form via ParentMail. With about two months to go, we sent out reminders and began sourcing prizes. We confirmed final numbers with the golf club a fortnight before, leaving it to the week before to agree the four-ball groups and to send out tee times to players. On the day we collected any remaining money and gave out rule sheets. Tee times ranged from 10:30am to 12:20pm, with everyone completing the course within five hours. We had various prizes for: longest drive; nearest the pin; team/individual runners-up; and team/individual winners. Will Beck, a Year 1 dad, became the new PTA Masters' winner and received the green jacket. We raised about £1,000, under the guise of it being "for the kids", when in fact this is an excuse for dads to have a day out! We've run around 15 golf days now, so it's a pretty well-oiled operation in terms of planning. That said, provided you have an accommodating golf club and a bunch of dads who want to play golf, the rest is simply what you make it!' James Hardacre, PTA event organiser, Lindfield Primary School, Haywards Heath, Sussex (478 pupils)

Beer festival

'Our beer festival idea came from one of the dads - both he and the PTA secretary took on the challenge of organising the event. With help from two other dads, the team started planning the festival in the spring (for the end of September). The event was a huge success and the turnout totally surpassed expectations. The team had planned for around 300-500 people, but over 800 people visited the festival, held on the green in the heart of the village (some supplies did run out!). A special "Tatsfield Beer Festival" logo was created, which appeared on the marketing material and commemorative glasses. The event was designed to appeal to the whole family and with the fantastic fairground rides, an ice-cream van and face painting, the children had lots to keep them happy while the adults tried 21 different beers on offer from local breweries. The musicians all donated their time for free and performed brilliantly, giving the event a real festival feel. In addition to the barbecue, local food enterprises came along. With almost £5,000 raised on the day and all of the profits donated to the PTA, the event created a real buzz and community spirit. The team have already set a date for another festival next year!' Sarah Turrell, PTA Chair, Tatsfield Primary School, Surrey (214 pupils)

NOTE: If your event features live music to an audience of 200 or more, a Premises Licence is required - contact your local authority at least two months before the date of your event. A special PRS for Music licence is required for festivals involving live music - contact PRS for Music for more details.

Dads and lads camp

'The PTA ran the "Dads and Lads" camp following a successful camp previously run by the school. For health and safety reasons, we limited the field to 35 two-man tents. The council was contacted to check there were no implications (there weren't!). Only children from the school were able to attend and the dads were really enthusiastic! The camp was a sell-out in three days! We charged £5 per person and £10 per tent, including breakfast. Dads arrived from 4.30pm and were given a plot to erect their tent. After eating, the children and parents then went on to the playground to have some team races on an assault course assembled by the PTA dads. Afterwards, the children went into the school hall to rest on beanbags, watch a film and devour popcorn! On the back field our own 'Fireman Bailey' lit the cordoned off brazier and gave the whole experience a real campsite feel. Following the film, children went outside and had a torchlight story read by the head teacher. Little sleep actually took place during the night, and the following morning, 'mums army' were in the school kitchen at 6am cooking up a hearty breakfast! The event made a profit of £475 but in reality the value was so much more - lots of fun, laughter and happy campers!' Debbie Butlin, PTA Chair, Streetsbrook School, Solihull (240 pupils)

NOTE: Read our step-by-step guide to running a campover.

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