Run a beetle drive fundraiser

We absolutely had to share this beetle drive fundraising idea. A beetle drive is an old family favourite.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to draw a complete beetle. The body parts are each given a number: 1 for eyes, 2 for antenna, 3 for legs, 4 for wings, 5 for the head and 6 for the body.

  1. Players have to roll a 6 for the body before they can add to any other part
  2. Players then take turns to roll the dice, and add the corresponding body part of their beetle
  3. When one player has completed their picture, they have won the game
  4. Source donated prizes for the winners

Theme it!

If you're looking to run this event near a seasonal celebration, theme your beetle by using a snowman, Easter bunny or something else instead!

Beetle drive success

'At Academy Primary, we have held a very successful beetle drive for the last few years. Last year, we set up the assembly hall in rows, with two desks facing each other in a square. This allowed four people or two teams to sit to play a game. Team members sat beside each other, with one team moving anti-clockwise at the end of each game along the rows. We managed to fit in six rows of six squares, giving us a capacity of 144 people to attend. Some parents and children paired up in teams, but older children were a bit more confident in teaming up together without adult help. The event was fairly easy to organise, and we gave spot prizes after each game - not only for the winner, but also for random scores, to ensure every child won a little something during the event. There were also two overall prizes for the highest scores and two wooden spoons for the lowest. After the eighth round, we took a break so children and parents can indulge in light refreshments. We served tea/coffee and a traybake (kindly donated by members of the PTA) for the adults, and juice and a traybake for the children. The cost of this was covered by the £2 entry fee, but we asked for extra donations, too, to boost profits. All in all, we made £250!' Gail Bradshaw, PTA Chair, Academy Primary School, County Down (418 pupils)

'A beetle drive is really 'old school' but we found it to be a really good icebreaker for parents and kids, as everybody moves round the tables and makes new friends! We raised £160, which is not bad as we are a small village school with only 120 pupils. We booked the village hall for free - they have a bar, so they charged for drinks, covering costs that way. We charged £4 for adults and £2.50 for children which included a pie and pea supper (this is Lancashire!). The food cost us about half the ticket price - we also held a raffle. We advertised the event about a month beforehand. Work out how many dice and pencils you need based on how many tickets you sell. I was on the mic and explained the rules. We had prizes of boxes of chocolates for the top three scorers and a wooden spoon prize for the person with the lowest score. We had six games on the sheet and played three before supper and three after. We started at 6pm to be finished in time for the younger kids' bedtimes. Everyone enjoyed themselves! Family events are much more successful at our school than those organised just for parents - and this is an easy one for our committee to organise.' Lucy Hatherell, publicity officer, Waddington and West Bradford CE Primary School, Lancashire

Beetle drive templates

  • Lucy has kindly provided an outline of the rules which you can download as a word document.
  • You can also download a template of the drawn beetle as a PDF document.

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