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Spring term fundraising ideas

Spring flowers

Read up about fundraising ideas for the spring term at your school, including Easter, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Plan your next school disco

School discos have always been a popular PTA fundraiser, but what should you consider when planning your next one?

Valentine's Day

Valentine's cupcakes

Use the day of love as an excuse to raise funds. Here are some Valentine's Day fundraising ideas that would work perfect in schools.

Leap year fundraising

Two boys playing leap frog

Leap years only come around every four years, so celebrate the extra day in February with a leap year-themed fundraiser or challenge.

Pancake Day

Pancakes on a plate

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday and raise money for your PTA with a fabulous Pancake Day fundraiser.

Literacy fundraisers

Literacy-linked fundraising ideas

Encourage support from teachers by linking your fundraising events with the National Curriculum.

Mother's Day events

Girl with Mother's Day card behind her back

Raise money in the lead up to Mother's Day by choosing one of these fundraising initiatives to run your school.

Ideas for Easter

Painted Easter eggs in a nest

These fundraising ideas for Easter can be run in school, and include both adults and children.

Circus fundraiser

Inside the big top

A circus might have a big upfront cost, but the profit potential is huge!

Eco-friendly fundraisers

Plant sale

Raise PTA funds whilst protecting the planet, with these green fundraising ideas!

Father's Day ideas

Raise money in the lead up to Father's Day by choosing one of our fundraising events to run with the children.

Father's Day fundraisers

Father and son camping

With Father's Day and finer weather fast approaching, what fundraising gems do you have in store for the men in your life?

PTAs at sports day

Teacher and children at sports day

From bacon baps for breakfast to running your summer fair at the end of the races, how do PTAs get involved with school sports day?

Run a family barbecue

Grill with barbecue food

A family barbeque at the end of the school year, or at the start of the new year brings the entire school community together to meet, mingle and have fun.

Summer success stories

Colourful windmills

Looking for some summer term inspiration? Browse these fundraising ideas and see what suits you!

Beetle drive

A beetle drive is a great, simple fundraising idea for children.

End of year events

Hands raised at a disco

Celebrate the end of the academic year (and all your hard work) by running a summer fundraising event to say goodbye for summer!

Events for school leavers

Girl waving goodbye to school

What kind of celebration is your PTA organising for the Year 6 leavers this summer? If you need ideas for events, look no further.

Working with photographers

Girl at a photo booth

Everyone knows that professional photographers work with schools for formal photos, but have you thought about involving them in PTA events too?

SEN-friendly events

two girls at a disco wearing ear defenders

PTA events can create special memories for every child - here's how to make sure everyone feels included

Foodie fundraisers

Chef's hat and wooden spoons

Serving refreshments at a school concert is one thing, but run a fundraising entirely dedicated to food and you could be on to a winner.

Indoor events

People watching an indoor event

Whether you're after an event which avoids the risk of rain, or something for the colder months, here's how to have fun fundraising without the weather worry!

Autumn success stories

Wellies and autumn leaves

It's the season of bonfire night and Halloween, so how will you fundraise this term? Read our autumn success stories to see which ideas worked for other PTAs.

A-Z fundraising ideas

Two people jumping for joy on yellow background

If you're looking for some fundraising inspiration, cast your eyes down this list and see what jumps out at you!

Raise cash for other causes

The word GIVE pegged in front of fairy lights

Use your fundraising skills to raise money for other charities, and show that when people pull together, they can change lives.

Fashion events

Fashion events

Whether you're planning a fashion show or shopping night, a fashion event adds a glamorous touch to your fundraising calendar

Events for adults

Adults at an event

How to bring the parents and adults of your school community together while raising funds!

15 festive fundraisers

Santa pancakes in Christmas setting

Apart from your Christmas fair, what other festive plans does your PTA have for the autumn/winter months?

Multicultural celebrations

With numerous cultures and religions represented in the UK, how can your PTA embrace multicultural celebrations?

A guide to silent auctions

Secure a few big prizes, whip up some excitement and watch the bids roll in with a silent auction.

Events for new families

Legs of people dancing at a barn dance

At the start of a new term, welcome new children and families to the school by running an all-inclusive fundraising event

Winter success stories

Family of snowmen

Need inspiration to bring some fundraising fun to the winter months? Browse these PTA success stories...

Sporty fundraisers

Get everybody active and fitter by planning a sporty fundraiser

Sustainable event ideas

Looking to improve your PTA's green credentials? Why not hold a sustainable event at your school

VE Day event ideas

VE Day event

Celebrate VE Day with a wartime event to remember.

Pros and cons of distanced events

With large gatherings not possible, Helen Alderson weighs up the pros and cons of alternative events

Socially-distanced event ideas

Social distancing might mean you can’t run some events, but with a little creativity you can still raise money and have fun.

14 Christmas fundraisers for socially distanced PTAs

Christmas is getting nearer, but there’s still time to organise some exciting and safe activities to bring in festive funds.