Ready-made stall packs

Are volunteers in short supply? Stalls that require very little input, both in pre-fair preparation and on the day will be key for you...

Do you struggle to sign up volunteers to help at your Christmas fair? Stalls that are low-input, both in terms of pre-fair preparation and manpower on the day will be key for you. Here are a few of our favourites...

Wrapping room

Sell small items for children to buy and wrap as presents for friends and family. Many PTAs spend months scouring pound shops, while others have a mixed response to requests for donations... If you need a quick solution with guaranteed quality, buy a pack of gorgeous gifts from Your Fundraising Gift Shop.

Festive tattoos

Temporary tattoos are always popular, and as they are quick to apply, you can turn these around quickly, freeing up fair-goers to spend money on other stalls! Enlist the help of Year 6 pupils to help apply them. Buy Christmas tattoos from Baker Ross.

Crazy Sand

Get creative with a coloured sand kit from Crazy Sand. Have some big trays to catch any surplus sand, keeping mess to a minimum.

Craft kits

Buy eco-friendly, quality hanging decoration kits from Kidicraft. Provide pens, paint, and stick-on gems. Please see Eco-Schools’ suggested alternatives to glitter download.


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