Boosting support: Visitors

Visitors are crucial to a summer fair - attract more with a strong marketing campaign

Visitors are crucial to a summer fair – they are, after all, the ones who are spending their money! To attract lots of visitors, you need a strong marketing campaign.

The key is to tell people three times in three different ways. Here are a number of advertising ideas and an approximation of when you should implement them. Be sure to pick methods that ensure a slow burn and wide reach over several weeks.


Once you know the date of your fair, send a ‘save the date’ reminder out to parents through your usual channels. Six weeks before: Start promoting your event. Begin the campaign with social media as it’s a fantastic way to reach lots of people easily, with no printing cost. Continue to promote regularly in the run-up to your fair through digital posters. Think of different messages you can use to start building excitement, whether that’s highlighting main attractions or letting people know what auction prizes they can win. While social media speaks to parents, use flyers in book bags to whip up excitement among pupils.

One month before

Place posters in the local library, doctors’ surgeries, leisure centres and other public places. See if you can get posters in the windows of local shops or on the noticeboards of businesses. This is where having a main attraction such as zorbing or a circus can really help draw in a wider audience.

Two weeks before

Send a media release to local newspapers and radio stations. Do a leaflet-drop to local residents. Offer them free entry (or a free cuppa) and, if relevant, give them contact details for booking any specific attractions. Not only will this go some way to mitigating against all the disruption and noise, but it also widens your potential support base.

One week before

Display banners locally (seek permission from your local authority at least a month beforehand). Banners can be a great investment, but choose generic wording, such as ‘summer fair this Saturday’ so they can be used every year – most councils only let you put your sign up for one week anyway.

A few days before

Have a final push through social media, and ask your Headteacher to make announcements in assembly, reminding everyone about key stalls and attractions on offer.


Stall and attraction ideas to offer visitors a fair to remember