Volunteer rota template

No matter how fabulous your Christmas fair is going to be or how amazing the forthcoming music festival, the big bugbear for ALL PTAs is securing volunteers. That is, getting people to give up their free time to help man a stall, sell raffle tickets or stand at the entrance to your Christmas fair with a smile!

You've heard the excuses...

'I'm busy that day.'

'I've got three kids to look after!'

'I work full-time, I don't have the time.'

'I'd love to, but...'

In reality, we could all use those excuses - after all, we have a life too!

The key to securing volunteers is organisation. Get in early and ask for a couple of hours of people's time, being specific about what stalls need help and what's involved - it's not like you're asking them to run the whole event! 

To make life quicker and easier, we've put together a template volunteer rota. The downloadable Excel spreadsheet is ideal for your Christmas fair, with a column for the stalls you are running, the different time slots that people can volunteer for, and spaces for PTA members and parents to write in their names.

Ask for just an hour of their time

Drag out your rota whenever you can... pin it up on the PTA noticeboard, have it ready at parent's evening, assemblies, even put out a last-minute plea at the nativity play (and have pens available). We challenge parents to ignore it in front of teaching staff! And who knows, if someone sees their friend's name down against a stall, they might well volunteer too!

Edit the rota to fit your own event. And when parents DO help out for an hour on that cake stall, say thank you and maybe they'll help again next time...

Download our volunteer rota.

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