Event planning

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Save time and money on PTA promotional material – order professional-looking posters from PTA Print Shop...

Sell online event tickets

Using an online event tickets platform means less work for your PTA, and allows you to reach a wider audience

Event planning checklist

Woman with clipboard

Whether you’re trying an event for the first time or you simply want a reminder of key considerations, PTA+ are here to help.

Eco-friendly fundraising

With growing concerns about the environment, how can your PTA run eco-friendly fundraising?

Volunteer rota

Need to pin down volunteers for an upcoming PTA fundraiser? Download our volunteers rota template.

How to take better event photos

Woman taking photos

Photographs are a great way to generate interest in your PTA events. Follow our tips to take better event photos full of sparkle and life.

Catering for dietary requirements

Examples of food allergens

Get as many visitors and volunteers as you can on board by making sure everyone can be fed at your events.

Wet weather plans

Rain on a colourful umbrella

When rain threatens to stop play, what contingency plans do you have in place? We have devised a wet weather plan for your summer events.

Hot weather plan

Hot weather: sun in a yellow sky

Very hot weather can have a significant impact on open-air events and a hot weather contingency plan will help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

Plan your fundraising year

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Kick-start your year of organisation with our fundraising guide!

Reuse and recycle

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Here’s how to reuse and recycle unwanted items to help the school and the planet.