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Yearbooks keep school memories alive

Apparently 25% of us are still in contact with our best friends from primary school. There's nothing funnier than getting together with old school friends to flick through your yearbook from the 1980s - check out the dodgy perms!

Those early friendships and memories can be captured in a school yearbook, giving children a lifelong connection to the school, people and events that will shape their lives.

Compiled with images of school trips, special events and sporting achievements collected over the year, yearbooks are a great thing to sell to parents at the end of the summer term. Plus they are a strong way of celebrating the successes within the school and the many achievements of the pupils, teachers and parents - the school staff and student council are sure to offer their support.

Today, a yearbook is easily produced and gives the PTA a great opportunity in providing every child with a meaningful and long-lasting leaving souvenir which will invoke fond memories for years to come.

Leavers' books

Create a special gift filled with memories to remind your leavers of their time at the school. With suppliers offering numerous themes, customisable templates, lesson ideas and secure online designers, creating a leavers' book has never been easier! A colourful book is the perfect way to say goodbye.

NOTE: There's a bit of a debate about PTA-purchased leavers' gifts, given that they only benefit a select group of children. As most PTAs are set up to 'advance the education of pupils', some feel that year books aren't an appropriate use of PTA funds. It's important that each PTA committee agrees whether leavers' gifts are in line with the objectives set out in its constitution. However, many believe that helping children celebrate their educational achievements as they prepare to leave the school is important and helps support transition to the next stage of education. Also, if provided every year, then each group of pupils will gain the same benefit over time. If the committee is unsure, take advice from the school and possibly consult the parents.  

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