Credit card in hand

Make taking money at events easy

Visitors at an event are the key to ensuring a great profit, but their spending is often limited by the cash in their wallet. With the iZettle card reader, supporters can spend freely, meaning more funds for you, and more fun for them!

 The iZettle card reader

  • Suits your PTA's needs: Light, transportable and with an eight-hour battery life, the iZettle card reader can be used at any event. With a minimum spend of £1, it can be used for anything, from a tombola ticket to a secret auction payment.
  • Easy to use: The reader connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet, taking payments via the Internet for simple, safe transactions.
  • Removes cash limits: For the minimal fixed transaction fee (1.75%) visitors can spend without limits, even if their pockets are empty!
  • Pay your way: The card reader accepts all major debit and credit cards, as well as Android Pay, Apple Pay and NFC phone payments. Customers can swipe, insert or go contactless, and transactions go through in seconds.
  • Keep funds safe: With less cash to worry about at events, and no need to take carry wads of cash to the bank, volunteers are able to focus their attentions elsewhere.
  • Keep prices at hand: Download the handy app and create a product library with prices and images so that volunteers can easily have the items available. A few easy clicks and the total is added up for you!
  • Keep tabs on the total: With the free iZettle Go app, cash payments can be recorded, taking the stress out of totalling up and you can see which were the most popular purchases.


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