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PHONE: 0800 0271939

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Since 1997, Art Projects for Schools (APFS) has been providing schools with art-based fundraising projects. Driven by the wish to see more art in schools, ex-teacher and founder Dan Dickey has strived to work with schools to help create low-admin, art-focused projects.

Their most popular product, The Christmas Card Project, has seen the transformation of 220,000+ artworks into 6+ million Christmas cards. In fact, over the last 20 years, APFS has helped schools across the UK raise funds of over £4.9 million. APFS like to think that their success is due to their fantastic rapport with customers. If you have a minute spare, we recommend reading their 5* Trustpilot reviews.


Below is a selection of the projects APFS currently offer:

The Christmas Card Project

Children design artwork for cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper.


Celebrate school leavers with a personalized, printed Yearbook.

Journey Books

Mark the occasion with Journey Books, a printed book designed by pupils or organizer.

Children as Designers Project

Children design artwork to be printed onto white ceramic mugs.


Design artwork to be printed on the following products:

White Ceramic Mugs (10oz)

Autograph Books





To find out more or to see what else APFS offer, please visit their website, call 0800 0271939 or email info@apfs.org.uk

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