Managing your PTA

Find out about the rules and regulations governing your PTA and get answers to your questions about running a successful association.


10 ways to start the year off right!

Women starting a race

It’s back to school with a bump, so here’s a whistle-stop guide to get you off to a flying start...

How can your school and PTA work better together?

Two pieces of a wooden jigsaw being put together

Everyone benefits when the PTA forms a close working relationship with the Head and school staff

Agreeing a wishlist

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Deciding how to spend your hard-earned PTA £££s? Create a strategy for how wishlists and school funding projects should be agreed.

AGMs and EGMs

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Frazzled about the upcoming AGM, or want to learn more about what an EGM is?

FAQs on AGMs

Group of people at an AGM

Everything a PTA needs to know about planning an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

PTA Problems: Am I being unreasonable...

Woman asking if she's being unreasonable

We asked counsellor Rona Waldon-Saunders for her advice on some common PTA problems

FAQs charity governance

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Confused about charity registration and governance? Look no further... the Charity Commission answers your PTA queries.

Join your county PTA Facebook Group!

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Embrace the power of social media with our 60 regional Facebook groups - the perfect place to swap ideas and advice with schools and PTAs in your local area.

Charity trustee FAQs

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All committee members are trustees of a PTA, but what responsibilities do charity trustees have?

Improve PTA meetings

How to encourage more people to attend and improve PTA meetings.

FAQs data protection

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Using email and text to communicate with parents? How diligent are you about data protection?

Safeguard your PTA cash

Cash in notes

By being prepared, you can avoid dishonesty and risk at your PTA events and keep your cash safe!

Get your PTA on Facebook

Facebook is our PTA+ community's favourite social channel and an excellent way to build support. We explore pages and groups to discover what is right for you.

FAQs DBS checks

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When do PTA volunteers need DBS checks (formerly CRB)? The team at Safe Network offer some guidance.

FAQs charity banking

Two people talking to bank manager

The Charity Finance Group (CFG) answer queries on charity banking for PTAs.

GDPR: What PTAs need to know!

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The new GDPR came into force in May 2018, but how do the regulations affect your PTA fundraising? Here's what you need to know.

Better PTA buying

How to make the right choices when it comes to PTA buying

Beat fundraising fatigue

Beat fundraising fatigue

How to make the most of your activities without overwhelming your volunteers and supporters

Let's get digital!

Digital posters

How do you promote PTA events? Creating digital posters to share via social media has never been easier...

Succession planning

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Good succession planning is vital to the ongoing success of your PTA, so identify any upcoming gaps early and put out specific appeals for help.

Handover pack

Passing the baton

Handing over detailed notes about every aspect of running your PTA will be invaluable for future committee members.

Hold a successful AGM

Graphic of AGM attendees and agenda

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) gives PTA members a chance to review the past year and vote in a new committee. Here’s what you need to know.

PTA committee roles and responsibilities

A role on the PTA committee is an exciting opportunity, but what exactly do the ‘chair’, ‘treasurer’ and ‘secretary’ do?

Other committee roles

Allocating jobs outside the main PTA committee roles gives more people the chance to take part, and is especially helpful when you’re struggling to find volunteers.