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Reach out to the community with these PTA events

PTAs share their accounts of inspiring initiatives that weren't just about making a profit.

Craft events

'We've held craft events for several years. With an average of £30 profit, it's not a massive earner, but our approach is to prioritise the kids' enjoyment over the profit margin; we run fairs and music festivals to make big profits. We charge £3 per child, which includes materials, a drink and biscuits. The event lasts for an hour and a half, and we take 60 children, from reception up to Year 6. We source materials cheaply and use the school's resources where possible. Crafts have included decorating mugs, making lanterns with jam jars and painting stones.'

Abbie Brown Middleton, PTFA chair, Walton-Le-Dale Primary School, Preston, Lancashire (450 pupils)

Surprise, surprise!

'After funding a new outdoor path for the school, our PTA wanted to purchase something a bit more fun! We loved the idea of a circus, and the head suggested holding it on the first day back after the summer holiday as a big surprise. We agreed that this excitement on the first day of term might dispel some of the nerves, especially for new children. We used Circus Sensible, with the cost split 50/50 between the school and the PTA. As it was a surprise, we were all sworn to secrecy!

The "Baby Big Top" was erected on the school field, in view of the entrance gates so that children would see it as they arrived at school. An hour-long show took place in the tent, followed by workshops throughout the day. There was also some free play where children could try all the circus equipment, including diablos, stilts and spinning plates.

Our school is a Quaker school, with a large part of the ethos being about community and building friendships. Inclusivity is essential to us, which is why the event was held free of charge and in school time. If we had run this as a fundraiser, some children might not have been able to attend on financial grounds. If it had taken place outside school time, some children might not have been able to attend due to parents' work commitments. The children were amazed and excited, and were talking about the day for weeks afterwards!'

Claire Halstead, PTA secretary, Bootham Junior School, York (130 pupils)

Mighty mural

'The school wanted to decorate a room in a way that would appeal to all ages and fit in with the school ethos of looking after God's creation, so we decided that the children would pick 12 animals to form a creation mural. As an eco-school we wanted the design to promote protecting and caring for our world too.

Our deputy head found our artist, Rory McCann, through a teacher group on Facebook. Rory took all our aims on board and created sketches, which we quickly approved. Rory began with an assembly and had open sessions throughout the week where each class was invited to observe him paint and ask questions about the process. The excitement level was sky-high as the mural took shape.

It has turned an untidy room into a place of beauty, and it has inspired many children to want to become artists themselves.'

Kelley Phelan, PTA chair, St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School, Maidenhead, Berkshire (423 pupils)

Community planetarium

'We wanted to run an educational event for the benefit of the children, so the PTA funded an inflatable planetarium for our students to promote the PTA and show what our money can do. We hired an inflatable planetarium from Space Odyssey for two days at a cost of £600. The school used six of the ten sessions on offer, and we offered the remaining sessions to local nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools, childminders and home-educated students. We charged £60 per session to cover our costs. We also held a Festival of Light after school to give parents a chance to see inside the planetarium and show them what their children had experienced that day. We were able to fit 60 people in at a time and in the end had to run two parent sessions! We accepted donations for this experience.'

Gill Haynes, PTA chair, South Molton United CofE Primary School, South Molton, Devon (170 pupils)

Thank the children

'Our children have been so supportive of all our events during the years, so a little thank you was in order. Our parish was just starting a two-week mission where we explored God's love, trusting in God and Jesus our friend. The children were asked to draw and colour in their interpretation of these themes. We had many entries and the teachers really got behind it with some whole classes taking part. There was no profit made as it was free to enter. The prizes were two £15 book vouchers for an infant and junior winner and two £10 book vouchers for the infant and junior runners up. I will definitely run this event again as I think it's important to thank the children for their support of the PTA events. The first time we ran the event we had a local artist judge the entries and the second time we had our parish priest judge them. It took no planning at all except for advertising it and collecting the posters at the end of the week. This year we might introduce an eco theme.'

Kelley Phelan, PTA Chair, St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School, Maidenhead, Berkshire (423 pupils)

Moonlit hunt

'Our moonlit hunt was an event that resulted in lots of fun and involved many members of the school community. We charged £2.50 per team, with a maximum of five participants. The teams had to find clues hidden around the school field, solve riddles and crack anagrams to work out the codeword that would let them back into the school for a (free-of-charge) drink and biscuit! To boost profits we sold cake donations for 50p a slice, making £114 on the night. As a PTA, our primary role is raising money for the school, but our main aim for this event was to involve parents in school life.'

Sarah Dudley, PTA member, Bisley School, Woking, Surrey (263 pupils)

Book-swap breakfast

'Our head suggested holding a book-swap breakfast as part of World Book Day. The event didn't take a lot of organising. We were responsible for the breakfast, and spent around £20 on ingredients. Asda kindly donated over 100 brioche rolls plus orange and apple juice; Tesco donated a lovely selection of fruit and bottles of milk; and a local business called Grainger's donated a fruit hamper.

The teachers organised the book swap. Children were asked to bring in books on set dates before the event in exchange for a token. The books were then sorted into reading levels, and children could swap their token for a new book during the breakfast.
Due to the generous donations we were able to charge a minimal 50p for breakfast. KS2 pupils were able to come alone, while KS1 children had to be accompanied by a parent or carer. It was a lovely atmosphere and brought the school together.'

Emma Macdonald, joint chair, St John's CofE Primary School, Weymouth, Dorset (250 pupils)

Fun on the field

'As a committee we wanted to mark the end of the school year and thank parents for their support. Having tried a school disco, which ended up with all the kids out on the field playing, we came up with the idea for our "Fun on the Field" event.

We asked our PE provider whether they would be able to help us by providing inflatables, and they agreed, bringing along four different inflatables plus staff, which cost us around £400 in total.

The event started straight after school. Parents arrived at pick-up with picnics and blankets and we headed straight onto the field. We sold drinks, sweets and ice cream too. The focus wasn't on making money but on coming together as a school community to celebrate the fundraising year. The event lasted for around three-and-a-half hours.
We also invited along the children who waould be joining the school in September, and this was a great way to get new parents involved with the school community. It was also a lovely way to say goodbye to our Year 6s before they moved on to secondary school.
The event was such a success that we've held it for the past four years, and it's become a firm favourite with parents and children alike.'

Caron Jackson, Chair of Friends of Benington School, Benington, Hertfordshire (95 pupils)

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