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Perfect planning

Good planning is essential for successful fundraising. From securing volunteer helpers, to marketing your event with great-looking posters, we have it covered!  


Perfect planning 1: strategy

Perfect planning 2: brainstorming

Perfect planning 3: volunteers

Perfect planning 4: the handover

Perfect planning 5: communication

PTA Print Shop

Save time and money on PTA promotional material – order professional-looking posters from PTA Print Shop...

Event planning checklist

Whether you’re trying an event for the first time or you simply want a reminder of key considerations, PTA+ are here to help.

Wet weather plans

Weather forecast

When rain threatens to stop play, what contingency plans do you have in place? We have devised a wet weather plan for your summer events.

Volunteer rota

Need to pin down volunteers for an upcoming PTA fundraiser? Download our volunteers rota template.

Annual planning schedule

A schedule of fundraising activities through the school year can really help keep everyone focused. It’s even easier with our downloadable template.