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Russian Dolls

World Cup theme inspiration

With the 2018 Russian World Cup due to be a highlight this year, it's a great theme for any summer fair. But how can you theme your stalls and attractions appropriately? We've put our thinking caps on to come up with some fun ideas!

The host country

For a Russian-themed fair, try some of these great ideas!

  • Russian doll tin-can alley - decorate the tins with card sleeves to look like Russian dolls.
  • Russian doll speed challenge - How quickly can players separate and assemble the family of dolls?
  • Teddy tombola - The perfect way to represent Russian wildlife with black and brown bears.
  • Vodka tasting - One for the adults, offer visitors a range of vodka flavours (modest measures only!).
  • Ballet demonstration - Could a dance demo from budding ballerinas bring the Bolshoi to life?
  • Chocolate Russian roulette - Surround a spinner with tasty treats, but plant a (not too spicy) chilli-flavoured chocolate among them.
  • Spectacular spacecraft - Ask parents to save up their toilet rolls so children can make Sputniks.
  • Fabulous Fabergé - Children can decorate foam eggs to make ornate ornaments to be proud of.
  • Photo station - Think fur hats, moustaches, headscarves and traditional Russian dress.
  • Cake stall - Serve up slices of pavlova and spicy gingerbread in homage to Russia's tasty treats.

Around-the-world stalls

Add more variety by having stalls for the different competing countries. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Senegal - splat the polecat
  • Peru - cactus hoopla
  • Spain - water into wine
  • Egypt - crockery smash
  • Iceland - ice lollies
  • France - balloon pop (in homage to the Montgolfier Brothers)
  • Australia - inflatables (bounce like a kangaroo!)
  • Tunisia - sweet stall or lolly lottery

Theme by country

If it's difficult to come up with stall ideas for every country (or you don't have the man power for 32 stalls!) then narrow it down to five or six and have an area for each one.

  • For Germany, you could have a pastry stand (complete with Black Forest Gateaux), an Oktoberfest beer tent and a classical music performance.
  • For Brazil, how about a Carman Miranda-inspired smoothie bike, a carnival craft stall and a soak the teacher stand (well, the Amazon river is too big to ignore!)
  • For Mexico, think panning for gold (small stones sprayed gold and hidden in sand), a jewellery stall and colourful face paint to hark back to The Day of the Dead.

Theme by continent

Another way to break the fair up in to zones, what about continent-themed areas? Dividing the competing teams up into their continents means you can think of more general ideas that aren't as limited to specific countries.

Visit to see the countries on a map.

Coming up with ideas

When thinking of stall ideas, these are just some of the things to think about:

  • History (e.g. card games because modern playing cards originated in France, or a bouncy castle in honour of Serbia's historic buildings)
  • Culture ( e.g. a ceramics painting stall for China, or an Argentine Tango display)
  • Cuisine (e.g. a Belgian chocolate tombola, or dunkin' for bagels for Poland)
  • Sport (e.g. Sumo wrestling for Japan, or mini-golf for England)
  • Exports (e.g. a coffee stand for Columbia, or jam jar stall for Spain)
  • Famous figures (e.g. Danish author Hans Christian Andersen could inspire a book stall, or how about an interactive science stall for Germany's Albert Einstein?)

You're sure to come up with some brilliant ideas!

Around-the-stalls passport

It's all very well having lots of stalls on offer, but how do you encourage attendees to visit all of them? A stall passport is a great way to do this. Make the 'passports' out of paper, with holders getting a sticker or stamp when they visit each stall. Holders who get a certain number of stamps (depending on the size of your fair, it doesn't have to be all of them) get a small prize such as a lollipop. To up the excitement, turn it into a competition and enter them into a prize draw.

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