Find your fair theme, book exciting main attractions and pull in the crowds with our ideas for stalls and games for your spring and summer fair.


Always-updated guide to spring and summer fair games

Yellow and pink hook-a-duck

Our comprehensive guide to games and stalls for your spring and summer fairs. We make it easy to find the right ideas for your fair.

Summer fair prices: how much to charge

A pink purse on a green background

The prices you charge at your summer fair can affect profit, footfall and inclusivity. Here are our top tips on how to price various elements at your fair

Boosting support: Volunteers

Woman selling ice-cream from cart on sunny day

It takes a lot of manpower to run a fair, so every volunteer counts - read our top tips on how to encourage people to sign up.

Top 10 refreshment stalls

A selection of homemade cakes and refreshments

Food and refreshment stalls are likely to be some of the biggest earners at your fair. Here are a few of the most popular ideas...

Student-run fair stalls

Homemade lemonade stall

Enlist the help of pupils to run stalls at your summer fair. Run a young enterprise challenge to boost competition.

Summer fair checklist

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There are so many things to do for your summer fair, that we've created a summer fair checklist for you. Download our template, and start ticking!

Creative stall ideas for summer fairs

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Hands-on, creative stalls will keep your audience busy and entertained for longer, pull in a profit and give the children a souvenir to take away.

Stall ideas for visitors of all ages

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Keep all the year groups and their siblings happy with our selection of summer fair stall ideas.

Alternative school summer fair ideas

Refresh your summer fair with these alternative school summer fair ideas

Add more to your summer fair

People putting up tents at a summer fair

Make your summer fair even better by adding a compitition, auction or mini-festival.

Spring/summer main attractions

Having a headline attraction at your spring or summer fair can boost profits, bring in the crowds, and generate huge profits

Summer fair themes

Falconry show

Browse theme ideas for your summer fair, from Wild West to a country fayre.

Year 6 enterprise stalls

Boy thinking about Hook-a-duck stall idea

Enlist the help of pupils to teach them business skills and gain extra manpower

Boosting support: Visitors

Woman and child eating ice-cream on a sunny day

Visitors are crucial to a summer fair - attract more with a strong marketing campaign

Boosting support: Sponsors

Ice creams on a cart in a sunny field

Build relationships with local businesses and ease your outgoings by seeking sponsorship

May fair success stories

Maypole dancing at May fair

Thinking about holding a May fair? These PTAs successfuly raised funds while dancing round the maypole

Summer fair publicity

Summer fair banner between two trees

Let everyone know about your summer fair with our publicity tips