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Letters from Santa - template and advice

Nothing adds to the magic of the festive season like the promise of seeing Father Christmas! Penning letters to pupils - specially-tailored to suit each year group - will not only be treasured by the children forever but can be used as an effective marketing tool for your Christmas fair.

In a previous issue of PTA+ Magazine, Leanne Lyons wrote a detailed feature - Get The Best From Your Christmas fair - in which she shared her tips for encouraging people to attend your event.

In the weeks leading up to the fair, every child received a letter from Father Christmas, printed on old parchment paper and addressed to them personally. The local postman came into assembly with a huge sack, telling the children that this was a very special delivery from the North Pole!

Each year group had a different letter (so that siblings of different ages wouldn't all have the same message). Obviously each letter invited the children to come and meet Father Christmas at the fair. The date was now fixed in every pupil's mind.*

She has kindly provided samples of the letters prepared for Early Years and Year 6 pupils. Good luck with your event and remember to email us your pictures and let us know how it went!

Downloadable Santa letter templates

Download sample Early Years letter

Download sample Year 6 letter


Please be aware that some parents may see this as an aggressive form of marketing by your PTA, creating pressure on parents to take their children to the fair, and causing disappointment for those children unable to attend. We would recommend canvassing opinion (without tipping off pupils) amongst parents and teachers at your school before embarking on this type of initiative.

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