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Final fair-planning pep talk

Ashley Aspin, PTA vice chair at Rose Hill School near Stockport shared this fabulous poem she wrote (possibly as a piece of personal therapy) in the final days before her fair. Enjoy!

I should be organising things right now, but boy I'm feeling low, 
Sore throat, headache, temperature and just two days to go, 
The grotto, tombola, raffle and games, and all that mulled wine, too, 
Are you organising a Christmas fair? Then this little ditty's for you. 

When you've dared do something different from the team that did it before,
And your idea for a brand new year was panned across the floor,
For when it all seems like an endless and thankless task, 
And you know there's pretty much no-one left within the school to ask.

Friday at five is looming and time is running out, 
You've seen sides to people this week that you could frankly live without! 
For the organiser's hat is firmly on your head,
And the ever-longer list keeps you from a warm and cosy bed. 

The volunteer rota is steadily falling apart,
As those who would now aren't, and those who could now can't! 
And someone won't handle food, another wants their shift swapping,
While others seem allergic to clearing up and mopping. 

Remember it's the children who, sometime in the future,
Will reap the hard-earned rewards of funds to provide for them and nurture,
And maybe they too will be inspired as school parents one day
And find themselves optimistically shouting, "Yes, I'll join the PTA!"

It's just a bit of fundraising, just some coppers in the bank,
Just an opportunity to top up the financial tank, 
It WILL go well on the night and it WILL all be fine,
And at 8pm on Friday, you'll have earned a very large glass of wine!

Good luck everyone!

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